Gene expression

Gene expression is one of the most important processes occurring in the cells, it transforms the information encoded in a gene into the expression products (mRNA and protein molecules). Proteins called transcription factors regulate gene transcription. They diffuse inside the cell, bind to DNA, and, moving along it, find specific binding sites on the DNA and remain bound for a long time. The initiation and intensity of transcription depend on the molecular configurations that are formed by the transcription factors associated with their specific binding sites on the DNA. Therefore, understanding the details of how these configurations are formed and remain stable is important for understanding the regulation of gene activity. Since all the processes involved in transcriptional gene regulation depend on many random events, the stochastic approach is used to model them. Stochastic models utilize a probabilistic language to describe the processes, as opposed to deterministic models, in which the outcome of any process is strictly determined at any time. The project goal is to elaborate a stochastic model of transcriptional regulation validated on the experimental data obtained from the developing Drosophila embryos.


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