Host-pathogen interactions
Fusarium wilt of flax is the most destructive and widespread disease, both in the Russian Federation and in other countries.
Plants monitor day/night and seasonal cycles to align their metabolism, growth, and development to changing environmental conditions.
Plant genomics
We are developing a new approach to the assessment and rational use of plant genetic resources, based on the quantification of plant traits and application of genomics and bioinformatics.
Plant Breeding
Traditional methods of agricultural crop selection use visible and measurable phenotypic traits. The breeding process consists in choosing parental plants for crossing, eliminating unwanted plants, and selecting the desired plants in subsequent generations.
Flowering time
Flowering time is an important agronomic trait, since the transition from vegetative growth to plant reproduction occurs at this stage.
In the course of  early development, cells acquire their specificity through the action the gene networks responsible for determination and differentiation.
Gene expression
Gene expression is one of the most important processes occurring in the cells, it transforms the information encoded in a gene into the expression products (mRNA and protein molecules).


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